About CrisisHub

Working with leading organizations, practitioners and academics, we have developed an easy-to-use software platform for strategic crisis management. The CrisisHub bridges the gap between strategic decision-makers and operational experts. It helps to translate operational details into strategically relevant information. Its unique checklist module offers a way to quickly formulate a strategic decision-making agenda (both in public and private sector). The CrisisHub combines five modules:

  • Strategic Sense Making
    • Creating a shared and dynamic picture of the situation
    • Imposing order on multiple information streams
    • Presenting strategic information on an interactive Dashboard
    • Allowing quick adjustments to incoming information
    • Producing automatically generated reports ("sitreps")
    • Quick and easy distribution of sitreps (pdf) through email and screen sharing
  • Strategic Decision-Making
    • Helps to quickly formulate strategic decisison-making
    • Easy checklists for every crisis
    • Disciplines and guides the strategic decision-making process
    • Connects strategic decisions with operational planning
    • Quickly adaptable in light of dynamic events
  • Tracking Implementation Progress
    • Dashboard provides dynamic overview of implementation process
    • Clear overview of responsible actors (Who does what?)
    • All action holders receive action list
    • All action holders can report and log progress (through mobile device)
    • Facilitates targeted interventions (preventing micro-management)
  • Enterprise-wide Contingency Planning
    • Unique approach to planning for the strategic level
    • Translating your crisis and disaster plans into action plans
    • Access to multiple action plans at the same time
    • Creating checklists on the fly (during a crisis)
  • Monitoring and Managing Resources and Capacities
    • CrisisHub contains map-based and chart overviews of your organisation’s resources and capabilities
    • Highlights critical levels of resources
    • Handy dashboard for monitoring and managing the capacities of different organisations within one incident/crisis
    • Supports strategic decision-making on scarcity distribution
Our Team

Werner Overdijk
Strategy & Business Development

Werner Overdijk (MPA) is the co-founder and director of CrisisHub Inc & Crisisplan BV. Werner Overdijk has worked as an advisor in the field of crisis management since 1992.

Prof. Arjen Boin
Innovation & Product

Arjen Boin is a co-founder & director of CrisisHub Inc & Crisisplan BV. He is a professor at Leiden University. He writes extensively on issues of strategic crisis and disaster management.

Naveed Iftikhar
Technology & Operations

Naveed is a co-founder & director of CrisisHub. Naveed has a bachelor's degree in engineering from Princeton University and a Master in Management from Yale University's School of Management.

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